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Turning Point Rebound Turnier

Dieses Thema im Forum "Hearthstone" wurde erstellt von Montana, 18. Februar 2017.

  1. Morgen findet noch ein weiteres Turnier statt über BattleFY.

    Sunday, February 19th 2017

    11:00 AM PST

    startet das Rebound Turnier.


    1. Single Elimination, Best of 5, Conquest with ban

    2. Choose 4 classes and ban 1 of your opponent

    3. Use Discord as official means of communication with Admins

    4. Make sure to read all the rules to avoid any problems with gameplay.

    Comprehensive Rules


    Stage - Part of the tournament that defines the phase (RO 64, TOP8 etc)

    Round - Part of the stage. Multiple matches happens during the round.

    Match - Duel between 2 players during the round.

    Game Series - Combination of single games between the players, that define the winner and a loser.

    Match Lose - Defeat by losing a match or by not abiding to the rules.

    Administration - Team of people that keep watch over the tournament

    Casters - Team of people that broadcast the chosen matches on live stream

    Members of the administration and caster team can be found on the official chat on Discord.

    1. Format

    1.1 Tournament format is Single Elimination

    1.2 Maximum number of players is 256. If the number of checked-in players is greater than that, the priority will be given to the players who registered first.

    1.3 During the registration, each player has to choose 4 hero classes that they will be using during the tournament matches.

    1.3.1 Players cannot use the hero classes other than the chosen ones.

    1.3.2 You can change your classes before the Check-in time runs out

    1.3.3 Players can see the classes of the opponents through the battlefy match window

    1.4 The format of the match is Conquest with ban

    1.4.1 In the each round, players will play Best of 5 Series (Until 3 wins from one player)

    1.5 All matches will be played on Europe Server

    2. Match Rules

    2.1 During the game series, players can only use one deck per hero class. You can change the decks between the rounds (But not between the game versus the same enemy)

    2.1.1 After accepting the challenge, players can request a screenshot of the match lobby. Having more than one deck per class is forbidden, and will be penalized with either game or match lose (Although you can have your decks crossed with 29/30 cards)

    2.1.2 If the player cannot show the screen to the opponent, he will be unable to participate in the tournament and therefore disqualified.

    2.1.3 Changes in deck list versus the same opponent is forbidden

    2.2 If the player chose the unavailable hero, he might be penalized with 1 game loss depending on the case.

    2.3 If the player left the challenge, or disconnected before the game started, he might be penalized with 1 game loss, but only if the opponent can prove he entered his collection.

    2.3.1 If the player disconnected during the game, the active player might appeal for a 1 game loss for his opponent.

    2.3.2 In some extreme cases, the win can be granted to the opponent or players will have to do a rematch. Therefore, you should always make a screenshot if you or your opponents disconnect.

    2.4 In the case of tie (for example, Both Heroes at 1 life, and Hellfire is cast), the players will have to rematch using the very same decks.

    2.5 Points that are taken for granted (Game Loss or penalty), will not eliminate class of the player.

    3. Behavior during the tournament

    3.1 Communication with other players should be maintained through the battle.net and battlefy match page.

    3.1.1 Contact with Administration must be maintained through the Discord channel. If you do not post your problem in Private Message to Admin, your problem will not be resolved.

    3.2 Players are responsible for contacting with their enemies and adding them on the battle.net to play the match.

    3.2.1 Every player have 10 minutes to show up for his match. If you miss the clock, or won't try contacting your enemy, the active player might appeal for default win.

    3.2.2 The time counts from the moment active player press the ready-check on match page.

    3.3 Both players are responsible for correct input of the match score. Players should do it after every single game, to maintain clarity for everyone.

    3.4 In the case of forfeiting the match and leaving the tournament, player should first contact an admin.

    3.5 In the case of a problem that's not included in the rules, player should contact an admin immediately. Doing a screenshot of every suspicious situation is recommended, because screenshots acts as proof.

    3.5.1 Players cannot decide on penalties on their own. Doing so might result in game loss or disqualification from the tournament.

    3.6 Treat your opponents with respect. Unacceptable behaviour will be penalized

    3.7 Screens or livestreams of your games will act as proof of victories, doing it is highly recommended.

    3.8 A players battle.net status cant be set to "Busy" or "Away", during the full duration of the tournament. Denying this rule might lead to warning and 1 Game loss.

    4. Prizes

    4.1 All of the prizes will be sent out by either Turning Point or by Battlefy services

    4.2 After the tournament, the administration will contact the winners to finalize the deal.

    5. Stream

    5.1 Chosen matches might be streamed by our casters.

    5.1.1 Delay will be used for streaming purposes.

    5.1.2 When asked for, players should allow administration and casters to spectate. Failing to do so might result in a match lose.

    6. Rules

    6.1 Rules were created and optimized by the Turning Point Team.

    6.2 Administration reserves the right to bend the rules to make fair verdict. The word of an administration staff should be treated as absolute.

    6.3 Copying and using the ruleset without asking creators for permission is forbidden.
    Players can report their own score.

    Falls ihr Interesse haben solltet. Zu gewinnen gibt es HTC Points. Welche für Hearthstone Turniere und Ranglisten für große Turniere wichtig sind.

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